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Review: The Widow's Watcher by Eliza Maxwell

I’m not sure where to begin with this book but I will tell you that I had my concerns at the beginning because I wasn’t sure where it was heading. Once we got to that lake, there was no turning back and it takes a life of its own. I don’t want to give up too much because there are some major plot points that I feel is best to experience on your own for you to enjoy the book rather than me talking about it. So, I’m going to just share my general thoughts about it without revealing too much.

The Widow’s Watcher left me feeling good but really puts you in the mind and heart of two people who have been faced with the bottom pit of despair and hopelessness. Jenna Shaw, lives with the guilt of a tragedy that changed her life. It left her empty and heart broken. Taking her to point of emotional no return, she planned and made a decision that many people in the bottom of hopelessness have done but at the last moment was stopped by someone who wasn’t going to let that go down on his watch. 

Lars, who at first seems rough around the edges, has some pain of his own. Living with his own tragedy, he saw this as a chance to give someone hope and a reason to keep living. Not at all thrilled at the intervention, they slowly become friends and let their guards down. As they share their experiences, Jenna learns about his past which fueled her curiosity to find the answers that he never got. When the truth comes out, secrets from the past shatter everything but lead their journey to redemption, forgiveness and hope.

Overall, this book turned out to be very good. The friendship that developed between Lars and Jenna and the journey to get answers for him really made this book a page turner. The beauty of their friendship was special because they saved each other which was very touching. You really understand their pain, especially through the other characters and their relationships with them. Once their journey in the book took off, I wasn’t expecting the book to head in the direction it did but as the plot is layered up, it will leave you very satisfied in the end. I’m recommending adding this to your TBR!

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