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Review: Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

It’s not too far off to say that Hamilton: The Broadway Musical is one of the best musical there is. Every aspect of it is genius. So it is not surprising that the companion book is genius as well. Both casual and diehard fans will enjoy Hamilton: The Revolution. It’s an insightful look into the popular musical that does not feel dull or pointless. It is filled with so much content.

First and for most, it is a beautiful book. It is a little bit smaller and lighter than a school textbook, however, it is not as plain. It has the look of a book that could have potential been from that era. The sides of the pages are sort of ruffled on the side and have a yellow tint to them. The physical look add so much to aesthetic of the book.

Next, the content. There is around 200 plus pages of interesting and entertaining content. Photos from the Broadway musical laminates the pages. It is hard to get tickets to see Hamilton, so even a glimpse at the stage production is interesting.

A huge portion of the pages are fill with song lyrics. In addition, several lines from different songs have annotations on the side. Hamilton is not a 100% accurate portrayal of Alexander Hamilton’s life. Some details were changed by the creator. And many annotations within the lyrics provide the true account of what happened.

Another interesting things that I found was that well also focusing on the show itself, the book does take time to highlight each cast member and their contribution to the show. That was inspiring in some way.

Final Analysis

Hamilton: The Revolution is essence a user guide and companion book to the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. There is countless amount of material that is never dull or repetitive.  

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