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Review: Falling for You by Becky Wade

Falling for You, was my introduction to Becky Wade. I’m a sucker for second chance romance stories but this one had another dimension to the plot that perked my interest from the beginning. To be honest, I was a bit on the fence about my feelings as I read the book. No reflection on the quality or the story but I have to LIVE through the characters in books like this to be emotionally invested in them. I don’t know, maybe because I’m spoiled by the first person perspective in books like this but I wanted to feel them instead of reading about them. No big deal, it was still a nice read. 

It wasn’t until after the book that I saw that this was the second book in The Bradford Sister Romance series. I can’t validate if you should read the first or not because this is the first book that I read but I’d read it just in case there if there’s something you need to know to stay on top of the series. I enjoyed her writing style and I thought it was a genuine, personal touch she added to the end of each chapter. There were snippets of information through texts, letters and other fun ways as an extension of the characters. She worked that in really well and it gave us a little more intimacy with the characters. 

The book was driven by two storylines. The first being the “reconnection” between Willow and Corbin. I’ll admit at first I was a little judgy reading that this was a football player and a model. I was going to give up on them (not the book) but both had experiences that affected their lives and was given a second chance to be in the right place at the right time to possibly make things right. This only happened really due to the other storyline in the book involving the disappearance of one his relatives years back. His niece discovered a box in her grandmother’s closet and wanted help in finding out what happened to her. 

Being a fan of Willow’s, not knowing that she dated Corbin, felt a connection to her and sought out her help with this mission. These two storylines blended well for a nice read that brings the readers into their lives and their journey to find the truth and a possible shot at love again.

Just to let you know that there were elements of spirituality. This is a Christian contemporary romance that has characters that their faith is incorporated in their life. There is a balance of other characters where it wasn’t a part of their life. I always like to share that with you for those of you who aren’t spiritual. Overall, it was a nice, clean romance that will leave you happy and satisfied. The other plot uncovered in the book was definitely interesting as it unfolded with some unexpected twists to that story. Like I said before, I’m not sure about the first book so read that just in case and then add this one to the list to put on the TBR. 

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