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Review: Whiskey Sharp: Torn by Lauren Dane

Cora has gained a reputation being a success business woman running the family business. Their art gallery, a gift from her father to her mother, had become very successful and well sought out from many people looking for art. Always doing everything under and for her mother, giving her full attention, Cora got to a place where she couldn't do it anymore and keep up with the demands of the business. She decided it was time to find a personal assistant to take care of everything her mother needed so she could focus on what she needed to do for herself. Unexpected, then walks back into her life, Beau.

Already knowing who he was, while out with her friends at the Whiskey Sharp, tv cook/model Beau caught her attention. As the two make an instant connection, some secrets from Beau's past came out regarding his life before the fame. At a young age, he and his family were members of a cult led by his father who was pretty much controlled his life. When he realized that the life he was leading was wrong and he wanted to turn his father in, his wife told his father and then something that happened that changed his life forever. Being able to escape, he met two people who helped me make a respectable life. 

After a short time together, Cora and Beau realize that they are meant to be together. Besides this new chapter in his life, he is plagued by secrets of his past that he hired a detective to find out about. what happened. Despite his past, it doesn't matter to her but he wants to spare her his problems and as an effect holds back a part of him. Their journey together opens a new chapter for both themselves and the quest for unanswered questions.

Alright, so I should begin this with I didn't read the first two books so I can say whether or not there was previous info to the story that would've helped along. I'm going to be honest and say this book was not up my alley. It has nothing to do with the plot of the book because I ventured out of my norm and was fine with that. The explicit scenes, not my thing. I could've did without the here there and everywhere but that isn't a reflection of the book just a personal preference in my comfort level of reading. Something great was the close knit aspect of the relationships within the characters. That is always a great experience reading. Those traits of sticking together always puts you close to the characters. It would've been great for resolution in the end. It leaves you feeling like a puzzle piece is missing. That would've redeemed things majorly for me. Overall, the plot of the book was interesting minus the other stuff. Just wish there was more details about certain aspects of the story. I'm on the fence if there is another book to continue but are very curious to see what happens.

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