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Review: The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder

The Probability of Miracles is a hard book for me to describe my feelings for. It was an experience, however, I am not sure if it was a positive or neutral experience.  

The book revolves around a 17-year-old named Cam Looper. For several years, she has spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital due to her cancer. Unfortunately, she is not getting any better.  In search of a miracle, her and her family move to Promise, Maine, a town that is believed to have mystical powers.

In hindsight, I was very intrigued by the plot. It is pretty straightforward and does not include very many surprises. There were moments that were incredibly sad and also incredibly funny. It was nice balance that never felt overwhelming or out of place. However, it is worth mentioning, that I did not feel attached to the story as I wanted to be. There was sort of a disconnect for me and I think that could be contributed to the story being told in third person.

I wanted more of an insight to who Cam was as a person, and also more of her internal personality. From what was given, she was very sassy and at the end had this great character development. But I think I wanted to feel a great connection to her.

I expected the book to be a little more whimsical. There were times were it felt a little dry and nothing really was taking place within the plot. I wanted to know more about why people believed Promise was this mystical place.

Final Analysis

The Probability of Miracles is a YA that has a strong central plot and features an interesting main character. However, it is not a book that feels memorable.

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