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Review: Stay Sweet by Siobhan Vivian

Stay Sweet was book that is perfect for summer. In hindsight, it is about Amelia and her dedication to her town’s ice cream stand. It is not too heavy on the angst, but the angst is still present. There were a few moments that I did not necessarily love. Overall, it was cute read and I felt deeply immersed in the book.

Like mentioned earlier, Stay Sweet is a story of Amelia and a local ice cream stand- Meade Creamery. Every summer, Amelia and her best friend Cate work at the famous ice cream stand that was founded by Molly Meade. However, the summer is going to a little bittersweet, considering both Amelia and Cate are leaving for college in the fall and aren’t returning to the stand next summer. On Amelia’s first day as the honorary “Head Girl”, Molly Meade passes away and the future of the stand hangs in the balance.


I liked Amelia has a main character. For lack of a better word, she felt extremely sweet, and the type of person who would always give. Although that it is a good thing, it does subject her to being manipulated.

One thing that was very prominent within the book was Amelia’s dedication to Meade Creamery. It was very obvious that the stand meant so much to her, and it was interesting watching her doing the best she could to save the stand. In the way, I admired her passion. In addition to being passionate about the stand, Amelia was also very passionate about her friendship with Cate.

In beginning, I really enjoyed their friendship. It felt real and raw. However, as the book progresses, it became a little corrupt. Cate started to be portrayed in a way that felt off turning, and I did not quite understand her actions. And I was a little afraid that they would be glossed over by Amelia, but fortunately they were addressed.

There is a little romance within the book between Amelia and Molly Meade’s great nephew, Grady. I was not entirely sold on the romance. I always had some lingering fear that Grady was going to disappoint Amelia.

I wish Molly Meade’s story would have been a little more front and center. She created the ice cream stand in 1944 by herself and that is interesting within itself. But in addition, she also had this mysterious life.

Final Analysis

Stay Sweet is a book about a teen who is desperately trying to save something that means so much to her. It is a nice and quick read that does not entirely disappoint.

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