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Review: Rolling Through Teens by Mary Settle

Rolling Through Teens is a special book. For this young woman, her words were so beautiful and heartfelt through her experiences that allowed her to pour through the pages. What fascinates me is that she was born with cerebral palsy and her was told to give up on her. All the odds stacked against her with the worst case scenario of having a meaningful functional life. Reading this book makes me appreciate life and I'm very proud and admire this young woman and her accomplishment in creating this book. By the way, defying those obstacles has come a long way overcoming. 

The book is from the perspective of a young girl in a wheelchair. We see her struggles through life, her family, future and the influences and relationship of her faith. The book falls under the general poetry genre and was such a refreshing, touching read. I'd recommend taking a look at her book.

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