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Review: Stealing the Show: How Women are Revolutionizing Television byJoy Press

Ever since I was child, I've loved television. From watching Degrassi reruns to Grey's Anatomy, I've always been deeply intrigued by the every day lives of fictional characters.  

And lately, I've been intrigued by the behind the scenes work. Stealing the Show: How Women are Revolutionizing Television was an interesting read that explored the women who honestly don't receive the recognition that they deserve. The book highlights Shonda Rhimes, Tina Fey, Mindy Making, and so many other incredible women. Each woman is unique and brought something different to the television industry. 

Each chapter is carefully dedication to one or a couple of women. It doesn't seem rushed nor is there any favoritism towards a certain person. Within the chapters, there is background for everyone that shows how they started and where they ended up. 

It was empowering to read about how these women transformed the industry. It was not an easy experience for them. There were blond sweat and tears. And Joy Press showcases the failures too. Not every venture was a successful, however, it was always a learning experience for them. 

The author does a beautiful job of explaining and giving these women a platform to tell their stories in their own voices. The author had several direct quotes from them. 

Final Analysis 

Stealing the Show: How Women are Revolutionizing Television is the perfect for anyone who has an interest in writing, producing and directing. It gives an indirect view of the challenges of incredible women who have revolutionized the television industry. 

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