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Review: The Love Letter by Rachel Hauck

Chloe Daschle hasn’t had much luck in love in her personal nor professional life. Typecast as the queen of death, she stumbles upon a script that she feels destined for with the hopes to bring life back to her career. Bound by Love, ironically a love story, is the farthest thing from the mind of Jesse Gates. Inspired from a letter written by one of his ancestors to his love at the heart of the Revolutionary War, Jesse is torn trying to escape his own heartache dealing with his own relationship disaster crippling his ability to fall in love.

The Love Letter takes the reader through a parallel beautiful story told between two generations years apart. This journey of the perseverance of love through obstacles and tearing down the walls that allow your heart to be open to love, connects the past and present. 

Overall, I loved the book as a whole but I’m feeling conflicted about the storyline. Is it wrong for me to love one storyline more than the other? Despite the dual time periods being the heart of the storyline, I liked Chloe and Jesse’s journey overcoming their obstacles leading them to their hea but I really loved Esther and Hamilton. There was something special about their storyline that took us back to their time when love meant something more and you showed the other person how much you cared from a genuine place. Not that it doesn’t happen now but then, you just get swept away by them in the book that leaves you wanting and hoping more for them. 

The characters were really interesting read. Who knew that two very different storyline would mesh together so well to be so interesting. Everyone brought something to the book that came together for a purpose that is played out through the plot. I loved the ending and thought the buildup to it makes everything worth it. I’m recommending adding this one to your TBR! 

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