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Review: Let Me Be Like Water by S.K. Perry

Let Me Be Like Water, was a beautiful debut that delve into the innermost sadness of someone dealing with finding functionality in the grieving process. The book has a rhythmic flow that allows the voice of the protaganist to weigh heavy but overtime we experience along side her lightening that burden as she is able to find her way.

If you have ever been in the grieving process, Holly is a character that you will find solace in. If you are lucky to live by a beach, than you know there is nothing more calming and cathartic as the ocean absolving your pain away. The beach paying an integral part in her healing process and being surrounded by friends who have experienced loss as well and who love her and support her, allow her to go through the currents of guilt and sadness to find her joy.

Overall, this book has a different appeal. Before I knew the author was a poet, I had this simple, fluid experience as the words and emotions just glided though every page turn. When you are introduced to Holly, there is a different type of connection that doesn’t allow you to not be connected to her. This book captures many emotions but there is this sentimentality that pulls out towards you that attaches you to the moment. This was such a refreshing, unique experience that I know you will enjoy.

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