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Review: Hotel on Shadow Lake by Daniela Tully

Daniela Tully’s novel, The Hotel on Shadow Lake, was a stunning debut novel that intricately weaves the past and the present in a romantic thriller that will leave the reader unable to turn the pages quick enough. Taking us from the mid 1930s Germany blending the present, we are taken away in a story that is filled with tragedy, heartbreak and the consequences of the times. 

Whenever I read a book that deals with Germany during that time, it always pulls at me a little. It was such a tough time politically and I couldn’t image living where you couldn’t have a voice. The book centered on unanswered questions about the disappearance of Martha Weisberg. When her body is discovered 27 years later, the world of Maya Weisberg flipped upside down. Not understanding how her grandmother ended up in the US, she decides to go on her own to seek answers where she was found. Her journey leads her down a road of buried secrets that unearth the past and bring many answers to light and bring closure to the present.

Overall, this was a really good book especially when you get to read good female characters. The progression of the plot of the book really was a page turner. The balance of the past and the present as the details got revealed really fit together well. You get swept up with the characters of the book and for me there wasn’t a moment that I felt I wanted to put it down. It’s always books like this where the character is driven by a purpose when you can experience it with them well that makes it such a good read. I’m definitely looking forward to see what this author has next. I’m recommending add this one to your TBR!

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