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Review:  Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson

Review: Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson

Three women are brought together in an enthralling story of friendship, heartbreak, and resilience. Set at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, this is an amazing debut novel.

Duty. Honor. Country. That’s West Point’s motto, and every cadet who passes through its stone gates vows to live it. But on the eve of 9/11, as Dani, Hannah and Avery face four grueling years ahead, they realize they’ll only survive if they do it together.

Everyone knows Dani is going places. With athletic talent and a brilliant mind, she navigates West Point’s predominantly male environment with wit and confidence, breaking stereotypes and embracing new friends.

Hannah’s grandfather, a legendary Army general, offers a stark warning about the dangers that lie ahead, but she moves forward anyway, letting faith guide her path. When she meets her soul mate at West Point, the future looks perfect, just as planned.

Wild child Avery moves fast and doesn’t mind breaking a few rules (and hearts) along the way. But she can’t outpace her self-doubt, and the harder she tries, the further it leads her down a treacherous path.

The world—of business, of love, and of war—awaits Dani, Hannah, and Avery beyond the gates of West Point. These three women know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But soon, that adage no longer rings true—for their future, or their friendship. As they’re pulled in different directions, will their hard-forged bond prevail or shatter?

Beyond the Point is a heartfelt look at how our closest friends can become our fiercest battle buddies. After all, the greatest battles we fight rarely require a uniform.


Where do I begin with this book? Kudos to Claire Gibson for capturing something so empowering through these three young women. I know it’s been some time since women have been allowed in West Point but it felt so inspiring seeing these girls make the decision and conquer the rigorous regimen to succeed past the gender stereotype of what it takes to be a soldier.

I loved everything that this book represented. You can really feel the military pride that the author has within these women in the book. These women from different backgrounds and socioeconomics came together and supported each other to break down walls of gender and racial stereotypes. Each of the characters brought something that was so relatable that you really can connect with their insecurities, hopes, dreams and root for them.

What I loved the most about the book was the friendship. These girls didn’t know each other but through their shared experience built something that was unbreakable. The ups and downs, the different personalities captured their strength, humility and dedication not just to themselves but their experiences. They loved, loss and really make you appreciate life and not take it for granted.

Let me introduce to the girls. Dani, she’s not only smart but athletic. She has a great support system at home. West Point sort of fell into her lap after a meeting with the basketball coach to recruit. She saw this as not only an opportunity for herself but to inspire others to show they could do it. Hannah, has a faith based family that has some military roots down there. As her grandfather tried to persuade her not to go in, not because she was female, but to spare her the experience. She had something to prove. Avery, well she needs some direction in life. What you will see from her is that her experiences has driven her to make the wrong choices but West Point, was the right decision.

The book sort of hit home for me on a personal level. There is a tragedy in the book that for those of you who have never experienced a relative that got the honor to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery happens. It really brought back some memories for me that made me remember what it was like to go through the process but it really makes me appreciate every time I visit all the men and women who have died wearing a uniform. This part of the book pull a little bit at the heartstrings.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There were moments that made me smile, was inspired and really appreciate life because tomorrow is not guaranteed. I haven’t read that I can recall books that centered around the military but I appreciate this one because it put some heart into and especially captured a strong female character driven book that was worth picking up. I’d recommend adding this to your tbr.

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