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Review: Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Review: Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Long Shot was darker than I had imagined. It tells an emotional & dark story that is all too familiar for some. This story isn't going to be for everyone. It centers on a story of abuse, rape, and violence. And it doesn't hold back. 

I will admit it was tough to read and emotionally draining. But very hard to put down. I wanted to see if these characters got their happy ending. 

As much as I liked the book, I will say I felt the ending to be rushed. I understand the impact that the author wanted to have but unfortunately it didn't necessarily work for me. 


Iris and August randomly meet one night at a bar. And although they were complete strangers and spoke for a short amount of time, the impact that they had on each other was huge. 

From the moment, they begin to speak to each other, I could feel their connection. It was undeniable and obviously that these two characters needed to be together. The chemistry was amazing and the fact that they were able to easily talk and open up to each other was wonderful. 

Unfortunatelyfor them a huge obstacle would keep them apart. And it was hard watching them be apart.

I'm normally put off by characters who meet once and have completely fallen in love. However, the author did a wonderful job of really showing the characters attractiveness to each other and curiously about each other. 

Although I loved August and Iris' relationship, I will say that it wasn't my favorite relationship. My favorite relationship was between Iris and her cousin, Lotus. Some bonds are unbreakable, and some people will always have your back no matter what. Lotus and Iris have been through a lot and their commitment to each other never wavered. 

Final Analysis 

Long Shot was a good book. It was very dark at times, but it did have it's soft beautiful moments. 

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