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Read an excerpt from Innocence by Kristin Mayer

Innocence Synopsis

I can never go back to the way life was before that awful night. Even though I’m unable to remember what happened, I refuse to believe the image they painted of me in the courtroom.

The pieces won’t fit together. Blurred images haunt my dreams. I needed a fresh start, somewhere I wouldn’t be judged, a place to salvage a life beyond the one I was currently living.

At the urging of my father, I headed to Montana to start a new life and put the past where it belonged—in the past. What I didn’t expect was to find a man with the ability to pull me out of those dark places I’d barely been existing in.

Just when the life I never thought I deserved was within reach, the ghosts of my past began haunting me—threatening to take everything away.

Would the light finally push through the darkness? Would I ever be free? Or will I forever be sentenced?


It was too early to have anyone here unless there was a problem. Quickly, I wiped my mouth and headed to the door. The early-morning angle of the sun blinded me for a second before I was able to focus. Two figures before me held a bouquet of wildflowers. I gasped as my hand gravitated toward my mouth. 

“Dad says you bring a girl flowers when you like her. We like you, London.” Ty thrust the wildflowers at me and I smiled. “Do you us?”

Before I had the chance to answer, he looked up to his father. “Dad what do girls bring guys they like?”

His green eyes pierced mine and those familiar butterflies returned. I had it bad for this man. “They give us their love.”

My heart exploded. I’d never been romanced before. Of course, I went on dates, but Charles and I dated for so long we were complacent.

Kneeling, I took the bouquet from Ty with his eyebrows puckered. I gave him a hug. “Thank you for the flowers.”

The sweet delicious smell permeated the air. I loved wildflowers. They were perfectly imperfect with their beauty. 

Tiny fingers motioned for me to come closer for a secret. In a loud whisper, he responded. “It’s okay if you want to give me more than love. Like a super hero or something.”

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