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Review: Soar! Build Your Vision from the Ground Up by T. D. Jakes

If you are an entrepreneur or have been inspired by Shark Tank to open your own business, Soar by TD Jakes will definitely motivate you to push yourself to reach that goal. I was pleasantly surprised by reading this book based on my limited knowledge of the author. From what I personally know, he is well-known for his ministry and has been involved in film and television. I'm really impressed because considering his pastoral background and his insightful business knowledge that you get from the book, it was really helpful and encouraging. 

I love the whole concept of “Soar.” I love that foundation that it's never too late to get your dreams off the ground. He is absolutely right. So many people give up or think they can't but if you work hard, acquire the knowledge and put in the work, you can reach unlimited heights. The book had personal encouragement and insightful resources that included an excellent appendix reference and really outlined for the reader how to “build your vision from the ground up.” His personal experiences along with others put a tangible grasp on the pros and cons of that path of vision to execution that really put a face on the reality of the ups and downs of wanting to be an entrepreneur. 

The book really helps you understand potential reasons why people succeed and fail but ultimately inspire those who have that initial drive to push forward to make it happen. It was an inspiring and informative read that will hopefully give you a push to finally making those dreams come true. If you are an entrepreneur or want to make a new transition in your career to build something for yourself, check this one out. 

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