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Review: Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

Let me tell you about how much I almost didn’t read this book. I’m open to many books but honestly this was a departure from my “open norm” genres of what I read. Then it sort of fell in my lap and needless to say I’m going to venture out more because this was way better than I assumed it would be. Nothing about the quality, just solely basing it on the subject assuming it wasn’t for me but as it turned out, I couldn’t turn those pages fast enough. 

So Jane is living this double life for a motive. She gets a job at an insurance company and one day seems to attract the attention of one particular person, Steven Hepsworth. Assuming she is this shy, naive gal, he decides to dive right in and grab her for himself but little does he know, Jane has other plans for him. Using this to her advantage, Jane gets close to him and doesn’t stop until she can take what matters the most to him like he did to her. Little does he know, karma is coming for him and vengeance will be hers..

The plot of this book was fantastic. I’m so glad that I read this book. I couldn’t read it fast enough. I had a love/hate relationship with the characters in the book. I mean this in the most endearing way. You know a book is awesome if you are talking about it after you finish. Jane, is who she is. A total sociopath, void of emotion, but driven by the love she felt for the way her friend made her feel to avenge for her and fight for justice. She has a dark sense of humor but is so likable. At first I was like, what her deal but then once you find out what happened and why, the plot takes off and there’s not a moment that you want to miss. 

Then the part of the book I hated was the character Steven. He is to put it plainly an undercover tool. Ugh, I just cringe reading him but he brought out something in Jane that made that book just so interesting. It drove her to where she ended up and made for an interesting story. I guess there has to be the bad guy to drive the plot to the good. All I’m going to say is that he got his and it is worth reading to see what happens.

Overall, you can’t put this book in one category. All I can say is dive in and give it a chance. I say that because at first, Jane might rub you the wrong way but the road leads to a good one once you learn what is her driving force. It’s a psychological thriller that is sort of lays out the why and you just have to experience what happens. Nice pace that is pretty straightforward. A little mixture of dark humor and suspense wrapped up for fun page turner. I’d recommend you adding this to the tbr list.

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